Monday, April 16, 2012

January Winds

Baby it's cold outside, but not as cold as your heart,
these January winds have nothing on you.
Red heart turns to black, start in on your attack,
the words cut viciously like freezing rain, on my naked back.

Do you remember? Can you remember? All the memories.
The laughter and tears, all those words so sincere;
adding chapters to our story. (I never thought it'd end.)

The pages turn again,
the bottles all still sit in the same place,
just taking up space, rubbing your desertion in my face.
This isn't the way I planned,
I know we were never meant to be,
but God it felt like you wanted me.

Play until my fingers bleed, sing until my heart concedes defeat from your deceit.

Friday, February 10, 2012

a perfect dysfunction...

i want to stop
be still
wrap myself into you
feel you around me

breath on my neck
i want every part...of you
 ugly perfection
 parts that make me hate you
love you

i cannot stand to be with you
 without you
the very thought kills me
from the inside out
flesh aching
for a simple mindless touch

perfect dysfunction...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Beginning

For a few years now I’ve had an idea. An idea that turned into a song (work in progress), and now it’s turned into a blog/movement. It’s not really new, it’s just something that’s rang true to me through the past few years. It’s called “Chaos Painted Masterpiece.” The theory being that everything beautiful in life is created from chaos. You might be in the middle of a personal life crisis and may not have the ability to see it right now, but a few months from now, or even a few years from now you’ll look back at whatever it was you’re going through now and see a reason for what happened. And then you’ll probably do what I did. You’ll have an “ah ha!” moment as I like to call them. A realization that whatever it was that you went through shaped a piece of you in a way that nothing else could have.
This blog is dedicated to that very idea. To those of you out there who are struggling, or wondering “why me?” or fighting just to get through to the next day.

It’s for those people to see that there are others out there, just like them, who have battled and made it through.

It’s for those who have come to a realization that they themselves are a progressive Chaos Painted Masterpiece.